My favorite subjects are the beautiful towns, valleys, farms and vistas of the Ontario landscape.

Since my preferred subject is the land at a special moment, which lasts very briefly, I think my best paintings are created from plein air observation.  The primary goal of my work is for it to portray the mood of the land; the universality of the land rather than one specific place.

I would like my work to evoke a special nostalgia for a similar place or mood in each individual viewer's memory.

In the past few years I have begun painting in oils, also working on location when possible. Most recently, I have been studying the techniques used by the old masters to produce paintings of high realism.

Currently my work can be seen at the Marsh Street Gallery, Clarksburg, Ontario
Thurs-Sat 11-5 pm
Sunday - 12-4pm

MCAA Fall Colours

Meaford Hall Galleries - until Nov 16, 2014 - Open Daily

Meaford Hall, Meaford Ontario - open daily